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Rooted in Family, Grown for the Community

Welcome to Highly Cannaco, where our journey began with a family vacation that transformed into a lifelong mission. Founded by Eric and his son Chase, our roots took hold in the picturesque Traverse City region, captivated by its natural beauty and bounty. Inspired by Michigan's progressive steps in cannabis legislation, we ventured into the cannabis industry, bringing our collective knowledge and passion to the community we had grown to love.

Our adventure didn't stop there; it led us to discover another gem, Harrisville, where we decided to expand our horizons. Highly Cannaco stands as a testament to our journey, dedication, and the dreams we continue to build upon.

Join us at Highly Cannaco, where we celebrate the culture, community, and the incredible potential of cannabis. Here, every product tells a story, and every visit is a step into a journey we cherish deeply. Welcome to our family, welcome to our dream, welcome to Highly Cannaco.

Our Values

Providing High Quality

Dedicated to delivering only the finest, lab-tested cannabis products to ensure your complete satisfaction and well-being.

Fostering innovation and wisdom in cannabis wellness, embracing community insights to elevate your experience.

United by our love for cannabis and commitment to excellence, we strive to exceed expectations in every leaf and bud.

Inspiring the art of cannabis through unique experiences and creative solutions tailored to your lifestyle.


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